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All our team here at Hamilton Hounds are passionate about providing the best possible standard of care for our customers and canine companions. From daycare to grooming, massage, hydrotherapy, nutritional advice or training needs, we have all the bases covered!

Our Services

Hamilton Hounds is perfectly positioned to look after every dog be it small, large or anything in between.


Alex our Groomer is a renowned canine stylist in the Waikato Region and has years of hands on experience with dogs of all shapes sizes and breeds. "...

Hydropaws offers a holistic and complementary approach to performance and rehabilitation. We integrate aquatic therapies in the underwater treadmill...

In this enlightened age most people are aware of the benefits of massage for humans: relaxing muscles that are tense through physical exertion; busy...

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Keep your dog entertained with daycare at Hamilton Hounds.

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About Us

Our Play Space

Hamilton Hounds is very fortunate to have attracted the best pack members to look after your dog - they are a breed unto themselves!

Pack members are carefully chosen not only for their training and expertise, but also for their natural empathy and passion for dogs. Our pack leaders, helpers, groomers and trainers all understand your dogs unique needs and are completely committed to providing the highest level of individual attention and canine care.

Our Mission

Provide the most unparalleled service and care for your dog and its human. We understand they are like children which need social interaction with others and constant attention. We aim to offer a range of services from daycare to hydrotherapy and much more.


At Hamilton Hounds we are well aware that modern busy lives and full-on jobs make for a real challenge when you are looking after your own canine kid.

Leaving your dog lounging at home alone with nothing to do makes for an anxious bored dog with a whole lot of excess energy just waiting to be burnt off. All too often these issues can lead to common behavioural problems in dogs with your purpose bred guarding, herding or hunting companion directing their attention to your furniture, curtains or shoe rack.

Exercise and social interaction are essential to your dog's physical and mental well-being. In our spacious, custom designed facility we can provide endless fun for your furry family member. Dog play is more than just fun though! Our play groups and activity schedule promotes healthy canine manners that could have otherwise be dormant if your dog is left home alone.

Our Services

Hamilton Hounds is a state of the art dog haven specifically designed to provide for all our discerning canine customer's day-care, grooming and training needs.

Conveniently located in Frankton, only minutes from the centre of the city, our 1000 square metre indoor & outdoor play space provides a safe, supervised, off-leash layout for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Divided into three huge play areas we have:

  • Houndsloe Hall
  • Barkford Batch
  • Critter college
  • Great Outdoors